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McBerry® Biscuits and Confectioneries – Ghana’s Best in Sweet Treats

In the heart of Ghana’s vibrant biscuit and confectionery industry lies McBerry® Biscuits and Confectioneries, a flagship product of Twellium Industrial Company Limited. With a rich legacy of success and innovation, McBerry® has earned its reputation as the best Biscuits and Confectioneries Company in the country, boasting several prestigious awards and a diverse range of...

McBerry® Introduces Ghana’s First Locally Produced Cookies

  In a ground-breaking move, McBerry®, a flagship brand of Twellium Ghana, has become the first company to introduce Cookies production in Ghana. Twellium Ghana, known for its attentiveness to producing world-class products, has once again made history by expanding its product range to include Cookies, marking a significant achievement in the Ghanaian bakery industry....