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Engaging deeply with communities around our factories.


Public-private partnerships to find sustainable solutions to child manipulation.


Fighting Anemia amongst children with food inventions that are tasty and efficient.

Incorporated in Ghana in September 2013, Twellium Industrial Company specializes in the production of irresistible non-alcoholic beverages and confectioneries, as well as biscuit and cake products.

In 2019, Twellium activated its full factory biscuit and cake production on a 29-acre land space in the very conducive and serene surroundings of Medie Kotoku, close to Nsawam, under the brand McBerry.

The McBerry trademark has led to the production of a variety of biscuits and cakes in Ghana and has expanded to other west African countries within three years. In just three years, our differentiated products have a market share of 55% in the local market.

Our prime industry and international awards and certificate and with the power of our investment and state of art facilities have helped us to reach the international standard of quality and the required quantity demanded from the market and beyond.

As part of the company’s vision from Ghana to the world, we are now in the state of moving from West Africa to export proudly made in Ghana products to the Middle East and some part of America.

Today, Mcberry’s success story includes the production of all types of biscuits and cakes, including hard biscuits, soft biscuits, bourbon, soda biscuits, digestives, cakes, coated wafers with nuts, premium wafers and many more, suitable for any part of the world, based on customer demand. These market-leading brands are manufactured under wholesome and hygienic conditions under strict health and safety regulations. To maintain its quality, the company is primarily motivated by the expansion of its customer base.

This establishes a solid foothold in the market by retaining, expanding, and delighting its customer base with delightful, customer-centric products. This mindset primarily motivates Mcberry’s unwavering commitment to ensuring instant gratification in terms of clients’ utmost satisfaction.

In addition, McBerry goes the extra mile to contribute to the revitalization of the national economy by creating opportunities for investments both within the country and through foreign direct investment (FDI) in order to create employment for individuals and help to cushion them. The company has employed over 1500 Ghanaian employees and about 200 multinationals. The majority of the company’s managers, directors, operators, and administrators are Ghanaians, and the company’s operations over the years have been a force to be reckoned with due to the multinational composition of its workforce. McBerry is fortunate to have dedicated workforces with multicultural, multiethnic backgrounds and great field experience, who share the overarching goal and objective of bringing about the much-needed paradigm shift and successful creative innovation!

All these measures in leadership, customer focus, knowledge management, workforce focus and process management have culminated to McBerry receiving both local and international quality awards throughout the years.


To create the most compelling biscuit and cake company by producing high standard products to satisfy our customers.


To be the most differentiated food value business


To ensure profitable growth is achieved with the most ethical way.


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